Understand The difference is whether we it to be correct part of the environment?

We talk about the environment, as a body, consisting of mutually interconnected cells, each of which operates in harmony with others.

We see in our time this comes out more and more and more humanity is becoming global and integral.

Understand Xia, in such a society are determining the agreement, mutual assignment and communication.

Are we teaching it to our children?

Otherwise human society can not exist!

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Looks that

Looks that Uvi they put the old woman sits and cries, and hurried to pass by.

Dkhir Sinkhu zhe it was a pity for her.

It stopped, took in shovel the garbage and fragments also began to throw out hands.

Looks that for a miracle!

Hardly it a shovel from under it will dig garbage and flies!

Quickly the wonderful shovel earned, chips, a fiasco departed ki in different directions, soon from a lot of garbage and a trace did not remain.

Dkhir Sinkh cleared a court yard of fragments and the volume built a pas place new hut better than the old.

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I came to a market

I came to a market Fortunately, mother quickly returned and brought the whole wealth milk, egg powder and oil.

You represent, Vanyusha.

Our father rescued us is cheerful mother told.

I came to a market to sell the coat, began to tell, what good matter at it, and before laid down to the buyer Feel.

He felt and go cooks Here under a lining some ringlet.

I made hole in a pocket also got the Golden Ring, which father presented to me at birthday.

Carried it in gold buying up also exchanged there for products.

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He rushes

He rushes He rushes about, revolts, is angry, He is afraid to lose himself!

He would behave on another, Do not teach a way such!

Questions and tasks How you think why teenagers often revolt?

As your relation to life for the last three changed years?

Whether the attitude of parents towards you for the last changed three years?

What occupations help you to feel like the personality?

You would like to become an adult rather?

As you think why often it seems to adults that in a feather hodny age children become worse?

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It is better

It is better Watch that fine details always were well are attached.

Regret Hare!

To you oneeyed, earless, beznosy toys they met leave sad impression!

Let the toy be safe, but it will not help to the kid to become kinder.

If it is impossible to restore the semiunstuck plastic nose tear off absolutely, but then surely embroider new with nonfading threads.

It is better to make repair of a toy in the face of the child it is one of the first compassion lessons.

The tutor accompanies process with the following words Poor Hare, now we will sew a tail more strong and we will make eyes brand new.

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